Essay on A False Sense Of Entitlement

1390 Words Mar 1st, 2016 6 Pages
In recent years, society has become increasingly vigilant of our rights as human beings, and generally more accepting of those marginalized and placed under false stigmas. However, the pursuit of freedom has welcomed those who believe their freedoms are restricted by allowing others to have the same privileges as them to have these "rights" protected by the government. This has led to a false sense of entitlement to discriminate against others, and turned the movement into something entirely counterproductive from what it originally set out to do.

Some feel that the rights they were given in the First Amendment are being violated as society begins to shift towards favoring secularity, while some believe their religious freedom is being violated by the government if they are not given the right to practice their beliefs in the workplace and the public sector in general. It has reached a point where many feel they can call themselves oppressed because they are surrounded by secular terms and encouraged to use them versus phrases with religious connotations. The outrage has prompted involvement from the government, which has demonstrated acceptance of corporate personhood under the idea that the nation was built on Christian morals and should subsequently treat them as genuine, excusable beliefs. Responses by the government and society such as the Hobby Lobby decision, the raging debate over the religious allusions in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the most recent Religious…

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