Essay on A Experiment On The Snake Firework

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The purpose of the experiment is to try to create a “Snake” firework. This firework isn’t explosive but may produce smoke. By mixing baking soda and sugar together, dampening the mixture with lighter fluid, and then igniting the baking soda and sugar mixture, we will produce carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas will then puff up into black carbon ash. The growing of this column of ash is what the snake firework is. What we will be measuring in the experiment is how long we can get the snake fireworks to grow.

Literature Review

Fireworks are commonly used to entertain people with a dazzling display of exploding lights. They can also be used more practically, for example, flares are fireworks used for distress signals (Woodford). But besides that they can also teach you quite a bit about chemistry. Fireworks are designed to explode in a controlled way to produce bursts of colorful lights. There are many different types of fireworks such as roman candles, firecrackers, rockets, etc. Fireworks explode due to chemical reactions that occur when heat is added. Adding heat causes the chemicals inside the firework to combust and release smoke and gases (Woodford).
Though most fireworks are made to explode, the black snake fireworks are small and non-exploding (Helmenstine). For this reason they are considered fairly safe for kids (Helmenstine). But this firework wasn’t always this safe; the original snake fireworks used to contain the salts of heavy metals…

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