Essay about A Exciting Social Experiment Video On Youtube

1115 Words Jul 25th, 2016 null Page
Before several weeks, I watched a very interesting social experiment video on YouTube.
A tester who walked on street pretended very hungry and asked random strangers for a piece of pizza to those who were eating pizza. Those strangers’ reactions were kind of same; they said that they were hungry too and could not share any their piece of pizza to the asker. After that, the tester found a homeless person who wearily sat on ground, and gave some piece of pizza to him. Twenty minutes later, another tester sat next to him and asked a piece of pizza. Something surprising began happening: the homeless person accepted and allowed the tester to take pizza without hesitation. Several second later, the tester said appreciated what the homeless person did and leaf with some money. After that, the homeless person was crying soundlessly. Generally, people might believe that a person who has ability to make money will be generous and will willing support the poor; poor people will be tightfisted. It is against the social norm people already accepted. There is an experiment that seek people’s action in society and bases on opposite side of social norms and behaviors. Breaching experiment, one of well-known social theory, inspects human’s reactions while they meet some vocative actions that they accepted about social rules, behaviors or norms, such as when one drives the same speed with nearby vehicles, they might speed their cars up or slow the speed in order to avoid the…

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