The Right Choice In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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The Doll’s Choice
In the 1800s society had a great influence on people in the way they act and their beliefs in their daily life. Torvald and Nora at first sight resemble what is a happy home ; that they have no troubles or obstacles in their life. They had a perfect marriage, lovely children, maids and a grand house. Everything seemed to be in the proper place , but what people do not know that Nora is hiding a big secret that can alter her life dramatically.In Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll House; It is clear that Nora’s decision to leave her husband was the right choice to make because she was just being handled like a doll that was used to show off to the people in society just for her husband to maintain a good reputation among others .
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When Nora lies about eating the macaroons, Torvald treats her as if she was a child, scolding her like a father would. He also begins to call her by her actual name since he got upset instead of the pet names he usually uses. (865) In this scene, it is evident that Torvald and Nora does not resemble the husband-wife relationship one typically would expect. She continues to deceive Torvald into believing that she is a spendthrift and flighty female to prevent him from discovering her true self and the big secret she is hiding from him. When Nora explains that should squander a bit since it is Christmas and borrow some money if needed. Torvald goes against her idea. “ No debts ! Never borrow! Something of freedom’s lost--and something of beauty,too--from a home that’s founded on borrowing and debt.” (866) Torvald believes that being in debt takes someone 's’ freedom and builds a home that was founded on debts. Nora agrees, however, she immediately saddens , but Torvald gives her money, which causes her to cheer up. She acts in a childish way when receiving it she begins to say all the things she can get with it. Unknown to Torvald some of that money is being used for not just buying clothes and toys for their children, instead …show more content…
She then realized that she had done nothing with her life by her own means and if she did it always had to revolve around her husband. She always agrees with his judgements to ensure he is happy and complies to all the things he tells her to do. Nora expects nothing in exchange, but love from her husband of all the actions that she takes. Nora also observes how her husband only cared about himself when receiving the second letter. When Torvald reads the second letter that Krogstad sent to Nora he cries out joyfully stating he was saved from the problem. (935) Torvald now has a completely different attitude towards Nora , since he has nothing to be worried about. “Let me see -No, I don 't want to see it; I want the whole thing to fade like a dream.” (936) Torvald does not understand that despite that their problem has been solved , their marriage will not remain the way it was before. Nora at this point does not want to “play games” anymore, now she wants to talk with her husband and express her thoughts for once. She discovers that her husband does not recognize her individuality. Torvald tries to convince Nora to stay , but when he talks to her she is demonstrating her own opinions. “I’d gladly work for you day and night, Nora- and take on pain and deprivation. But there’s no one who gives up honor for love.”(941) Nora says the opposite and tells Torvald

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