A Doll 's House By Kate Chopin Essay

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A Doll’s House written by Ibsen, and The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin showcases how the men have an upper hand in leading to a woman’s awakening. Dr. Rank in A Doll’s House plays a role in Nora’s life by treating her with respect and dignity .Nora is showcased to be actively communicative and relaxed while being in the presence of Rank. On the other hand, she is unable to have this communication with her husband Torvald who treats her as if she was a child. Contrarily, Robert in The Awakening has an influence in Edna’s life by not giving her the respect she deserves. He treated Edna as a possession as he knew that he would never be able to act upon his love for Edna as she was tied to her marriage. He had eventually left Edna, as he was afraid of being judged by society, which showcases the lack of love, Robert had for Edna and his unjust treatment of leaving Edna eventually resulting in Edna’s suicide.
Dr. Rank in A Doll’s House has an influence in Nora’s life by providing her with the respect and dignity she deserves. Rank treats Nora as if she is an adult, unlike Torvald who treated her as a child and a doll. Rank respects her actions, even knowing that they go against the norms of society. During Act 2 of A Doll’s House, Nora is expressive and comfortable while being accompanied by Rank. In the duration of Act 2, Nora actively flirts with Rank. Nora states. “Silk stockings. Fresh-colored. Aren’t they lovely? Now it’s so dark here, but tomorrow- No, no, no,…

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