A Doll House By Kristine Linde Essay

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Throughout the play A Doll House, Kristine Linde is the stronger woman when compared to Nora Helmer. Kristine is a practice and down to earth woman. She lives for others instead of herself. On the other hand, Nora is a naïve woman who lacks knowledge of the “real word.” She does not have any real responsibilities. The two woman are complete opposites throughout the play. They have experienced very different upbringings, which has also caused Kristine to be a stronger woman than Nora. Kristine’s strength is evident in the manner in which she overcomes the adversities she faces in her life. On the one hand, Nora has everything most women would ever want in life: a rich husband, a fine house, servants to tend to her home and children. On the other hand, Kristine has been a widow for three years, and she has no money, no children, and “not even a sense of loss to feed on” (Ibsen 2190). From the beginning, Kristine made difficult choices and sacrificed her own happiness for that of others. For example, the only reason Kristine married Mr. Linde was because he had money. At the time her mother was “bedridden and helpless” and had her “two younger brothers to look after” (Ibsen 2191). When Kristine’s husband died, “it all fell apart and nothing was left.” For the past three years Kristine has had to “scrape up a living with a little shop and a little teaching and whatever else” (Ibsen 2192). Kristine’s strength is evident in her treatment of loved ones. In spite of all of this…

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