A Discussion On Fundamentalism By Steve Bruce Essay

1020 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
When people outside of strong religious community discuss religion, they have the tendency to think of the negatives that could come with the religions instead of the positives, the religious extremists instead of those who practice in their everyday lives. This is a harmful way of thinking, as it allows people to forget about a lot of the good that comes from religion, including teaching morals and offering a supportive community for those who need it. This jump to the extremists is understandable, though, as the intolerance and violence of these religious extremists have a widespread negative effect on all of society. Throughout his discussion on Fundamentalism, Steve Bruce talks about the ever changing landscape of religion and about the group of people who are left behind, hanging onto the beliefs and traditions of their religion. The fundamentalists, are a large component of this negative view of religion, but, as Bruce explains throughout the text, that does not mean that they are bad for religion as a whole.

Bruce concludes in the text that he does not think that fundamentalists are crazy. He offers another explanation, stating that fundamentalists are simply a natural reaction to change, especially more liberal changes. I agree with this conclusion, mostly from my own experiences and lessons from other classes. This fight for conservation is seen in every day passion projects, like when groups of people try to keep historical landmarks from being altered, and…

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