A Discussion About Philosophy Of Science Essay

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In order to conduct a discussion about philosophy of science we need to have a better understanding of what these terms encompass and mean. Philosophy represents the assumptions, believes, values and the worldview. Gortner tries to explain that nursing syntax builds on “the consequences of particular world views” and not even one, which is consistent with the idea of having a more accurate representation of reality. So, human being need to be viewed and analyzed from different perspective as biological entity exhibiting behaviors, but also as a social and cultural component of the world (Gortner, 1993). None of these characteristics should be address separately. Moreover, development of nursing theories evolves from the philosophy, which helps nurses expand their knowing about patients in their care. Nursing theories build the foundation of philosophy of science by incorporating the concepts and propositions in explaining phenomena. Theories represents the framework for establishing scientific knowledge used in the nursing practice. In her study, Gortner explains the significance of the concepts in acquiring the knowledge and development of new research models. According to Gortner the concepts address the” human state during illness and in health, the ecology of human health across the life span” (Gortner, 1993, p. 282). They are relevant for nurses to understand why we do what we do. Therefore, these concepts provide the basic understanding of our decisions and…

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