A Different View On Evolution And Life Essay

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I learned many valuable lessons from this book which gave me a different view on evolution and life. My first take was that species with shorter life spans evolve quicker and benefit the species as a whole. Before reading this, I believed organisms with short life spans were weak because they couldn’t live long. These organisms with short life spans were able to reproduce way quicker than most organisms. Rapidly, they can evolve which benefits the species as a whole which helps it achieve the ultimate goal of life, to survive and reproduce. The most fascinating information I read was that humans descend from water animals. Humans are the only land animal with attached fat to our body. All the other animals with fat are water animals such as whales. Humans have evolved over time to be on land and water, which helped hunters a long time ago. Hunters could hunt and go into the water to avoid predators that couldn’t go into the water. The strongest and fittest survived where swimming was a common trait. As a result, those who lived past their traits on and swimming became a trait in most humans. The author is saying humans adapted to their environment and swimming was a great way to avoid land predators. I agree that this is beneficial to humans. My thoughts are being able to swim can help many humans in tough situations. It isn’t as necessary now as it was then, but swimming is a benefit to have. Now, Much of our physical appearance is because of the ability to swim. Walking…

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