Essay on A Defense Of A Paradigm, Feminism And Traditional Aesthetics

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Carroll, N. (1990) ‘The Image of Women in Film: A Defense of a Paradigm’, Feminism and Traditional Aesthetics, 48(4), pp. 349–360.

In this article, Noël ascertains that feminism is the most distinct movement in film criticism. By using psychoanalysis, he criticizes the essay written by Laura Mulvey (1989) “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”. The purpose of the paper is to defend the images women are portrayed in film approach, which is similar to the idea of Murphy (2015) that women are underrepresented in nowadays film. According to Noël, Mulvey believes that the Hollywood cinema succeeds because of the manipulation of the audience’s visual pleasure, which reflects the patriarchal culture. To seek a theoretical framework that will enable to interrogate the patterns of visual fascination is psychoanalysis. However, Noël points out her problem. She ignores the opponent structures which might serve her purposes, omit issues concerning the scientific status and allege the deficiencies of psychoanalysis against the advantages of competing models. Furthermore, Noël objects the observation of Mulvey that women are identified as passive spectacles, having the function of being seen and objects of erotic contemplation. From his perspective, the truth that women are blocked, paced and staged is possessed to maximize the satisfaction of the audience. Mulvey makes another point that it is a tradition to block and pose actresses before the camera and that alternative nonsexual…

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