Essay on A Day I Volunteered At Our Local Hospital

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About four years ago, I met a woman who could make anyone smile just by talking to them. The first day I volunteered at our local hospital, the director of volunteers put me on the geriatrics unit, playing bingo. The first time I saw her, she came into the room saying hello to everyone, I could see her table was the most sociable. After everyone settled down I started calling numbers until, they started yelling at me to be louder, hold up the cards more, or help them because they dropped one of their pieces on the floor. Until, T.B. decided to speak up and say, “can you stop yelling at the girl it’s her first day, now sweetie go ahead.” From then on she has always had a special place in my heart, kind of like another grandmother. T.B. has lived in the hospital for five years, so every once in a while I go sit with her for a couple of hours and just talk to her. When I interviewed her, it took her about two hours to talk about her life story.
On October 7, 1927, T.B. was born in Brooklyn, New York to a healthy mother and father. She was the youngest of five children. When she turned a year and a half, T.B. experienced the death of her mother. Her father couldn’t raise them, so the children were sent to their grandmother’s house to live. She explained that, since she was so young, she didn’t remember her mother, so her grandmother was her mother. T.B. moved out of Brooklyn to Staten Island with her grandmother and siblings after her…

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