A Day For Secure Safe Transfer Essay

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It took about a day to secure safe transfer for both Emmaline and myself as well as some of the other house staff and a couple of the other guards. By this point it had been almost two days since her collapse and she was still unconscious. I was no longer so sure that she was acting. It’s impossible for a person to go two days without eating or drinking or even moving. I was progressively getting more and more worried, what if there was something actually wrong with her? It was funny to think that this was the first time he was ever leaving Flint. This was defiantly not the way he imagined it. He wasn’t even going to some other lesser planet. He was going to Corinth the capital of the entire galaxy. Never did he even imagine that he would ever go to Corinth. Back in Flint people would have to save up their whole lives to be able to afford one trip. Yet here he was traveling with a still unresponsive Emmaline.
He didn’t remember much from the trip to Corinth. He mostly just remembered being extremely nervous and extremely sick. Apparently first time flyers tend to suffer from motion sickness though no one thought to warn me. As they got of the ship he was rendered speechless. Everything about this place was different. The smell of the air, the noises and buildings, even the color of the sky. He had never seen anything like this sky. The pictures he had seen didn’t do it justice. It looked like one of those classical oil paintings he had seen in an art gallery. It was like a…

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