Essay on A Day At School For My Sister

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It was a regular Monday morning. There was no special occasion occurring; no birthdays, no anniversary, yet among the other days it felt different. It felt as if something important was going to occur. As if my mother also sensed the change atmosphere, she prayed three times instead of her usual routine of praying once a day. It appeared my father and my little sister didn 't feel it, as they carried on with their normal routine of getting ready. I eventually forgot about the strange feeling and continued to get ready. My father said he was going to work, so as usual my sister and I ran out the door to say goodbye. As he got in his car and drove off I noticed a car that was parked in front of our house drove off behind him. I shrugged it off as nothing important. Little did I know that car was anything but. The rest of the day was spent at school for my sister and I. Later that day my mother picked us up from school saying we had to go grocery shopping. We had not had time to purchase groceries in a while so we chose to go to 2 different wholesale markets. By the time we ended our shopping trip we arrived home around 8 pm. My sister and I immediately ran out of the car to go play outside, but my mother told us to stop and to get inside. She claimed it was too dark and that she felt it was unsafe. She said to leave the groceries in the car, that she would take them out herself. My sister and I did not question her and walked inside the house. Fifteen minutes later, we were…

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