A Day At High School Essay

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Every athlete knows that injuries are part of the game. Some are big others are small. Nobody wants to get injured, unless you hate the sport, but it’s guaranteed that a few weeks can be missed through an athletic career due to injuries. However, there is always one injury that athletes fear more than any other, and that is surgery to fix any torn ligaments in your knee. My freshman year of high school, I was the unlucky soul that suffered a torn ACL and Meniscus in my left knee. To this day I’m still not sure how it really happened, but it has definitely impacted my life. It all started on a Friday morning. I was going through my day at school, nothing out of the ordinary. I went through all my classes and had basketball practice later. We were running through some of our contact drills when it occurred. I was driving toward the hoop for a lay-up, anticipating the contact. It wasn’t a very hard hit, but it was enough to knock me off balance and cause me to fall in an awkward manner. The second I tried to stand up I knew something was wrong. My entire left knee felt completely loose, as if it was just skin holding it together. I tried to get up and knee walking on it, but I couldn’t put any pressure on it nor bend it. I called my parents to come get me, and they took me to the clinic. There I received an x-ray and what they told me was I had an avulsion fracture; simply stating that part of my kneecap was fractured. They gave me a full leg brace and crutches for the weekend…

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