A Culture That Has Changed Over The United States Essay

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A culture that I am not very familiar with and should be are the Hispanics. Hispanics are a growing culture everywhere in the United States and I believe is a culture we should be as familiar with as our own. As a healthcare provider I know that we will have situations that involve death and I want to be sure that I am familiar with anything that I can be in regards to this culture as it is very different from our own. Hispanics have always believed that life and death were one. They never perceived the dead body as the end of life. A tradition that has been celebrated all through history that has followed this belief is, “Day of the Dead”. There were special months set aside to celebrate the death of the person. Other months during the year are set aside to celebrate how the person died. It was believed that during these month the dead would return and it would be the responsibility of the living to honor gifts to them. Although much of the ritual has changed over the years the main idea that the deceased remain a significant part of life still stands (Zarate, 1998). When it comes to the dying, Hispanics believe in familism. This means that having the family a part of the process is very important to them. Although all of the family is part of the decision making, the male (husband) is the ultimate decider (Medina, n.d.). Children also take part in decisions and are not sheltered from death because it is important that traditions are passed down through generations…

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