A Comprehensive Performance Analysis Of An Eahe Could Supply Great Help For The Design And Application Of Eahe

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A comprehensive performance analysis of an EAHE could supply great help for the design and application of EAHE in gas turbine. At first the soil temperature at different depth along the year was evaluated to determine the optimum depth for high performance and low economical cost. Then the effect of structural factors including the pipe length and inner diameter, in addition the effect of air velocity passing through the pipe on the performance were studied. The air temperature at the inlet of EAHE was selected fixed at 40 ℃. It is fixed at this value because the average maximum temperature for the selected rejoin is about 40 ℃. The pipe of heat exchanger is in PVC and its thickness is 5 mm. The physical and thermal properties of air, pipe and soil are assumed constant and their values are given in Table 2.1. The air velocity at the inlet of EAHE was selected from 2 m/s to 6 m/s, the pipe length from 25 m to 125 m, and the tube inner diameter from 0.2 m to 0.6 m.
Figure 5.1 demonstrates the ground temperature variation during the time at diverse profundity. It is observed that the temperature of top layer of the ground at a profundity somewhere around 1 and 2 m is significantly affected with the surface temperature then this impact diminishes with increasing the ground depth. On another hand the ground temperature at a depth of 4–5 m is verging on consistent at 24 °C consistently, which it is lower than the surface temperature in summer months, consequently it is proper for…

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