A Comparison Of The Lovelorn Poetry Of Batalvi

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A born-romantic, lonely and passionate singer, like Keats and Shelley, Batalvi had a intuition of his untimely doom :
"This lyric of mine took birth with me,
And with me it's to sojourn to Heaven.
I'll sing my own song and depart the next dawn." Lovelorn poet Batalvi, physically also resembled Keats. And almost all his lyrics were addressed to some "La Belle Dame Sans Merci." During his college times, Batalvi's poetry was agony for him, but ecstasy for his college-friends. While singing he himself, sometimes, would delve deep into his blues, but his friends would go back to their homes, humming lyrics of his poetic outbursts. At that juncture, leaving his studies incomplete Batalvi pursued his Muse. Incidentally, once he happened to be in a Baijnath fair. There, our 'Keats' met his Fanny Brawne, Meena. Afterwards, it was only Meena for whom he composed his Realms of Gold. But his Meena died a young death, and as in
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He realized that the beauty of woman is life giving as well as life taking. For John Donne 'Love is like a lizard.' Its poisonous too. "Femme Fatale" of Keats' poetry emerges as she-snake of Batalvi's poems and this metaphor takes its final shape in "Loona." Betrayals and bitterness of his life wanted an escape. Like Yeats, he wanted to sail to Byzantium- the land of blis and happiness. England was beckoning him since long. He fell sick during those days. At the cost of his bad health, he continued visiting his friends in London and suburbs. He drank and sang-sang and drank till late nights. This made him withered like Keats' knight-at-arms in 'La Belle' : "O What can ail thee knight-at-arms, so haggard and so we

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