Essay about A Comparison Of Porphyria 's Lover And Lady Of Shalot

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A Comparison of “Porphyria’s Lover” and “Lady of Shalot” First, poetry tells a story or shows another point of view of a subject. Although we may not have the same opinion, it will give insight to someone else. With Alfred Tennyson’s poem; “Lady of Shalot”, and Robert Browning’s, “Porphyria’s Lover”, we see the themes of violence, love, and vulnerability. These poems also have different themes; “Lady of Shalot”, has a longing, pain, and hope. On the other hand, “Porphyria’s Lover”, has the themes of passion, jealousy, and possible regret. Comparing these two poems, shows that women in earlier times were viewed as naive as and weaker than their male counterparts. It also shows that women were viewed as innocent and youthful. To begin with, on August 6, 1809, Lincolnshire, England, Alfred Tennyson, one of the best poets of the Victorian Era, was born. His family, although full of insanity and mental illness, also had a lot of intelligence. Tennyson left his family in 1827 to Trinity College. With his brother Charles, published Poems by Two Brothers, which acquired the attention of the Apostles. With another book published in 1832, which received much negative criticism. This greatly affected him, causing him to not publish another until 1842. In this time he married Emily Sellwood. Finally, in 1850, with In Memoraim, Tennyson became one of the most popular poets of Britain. At 41, Tennyson bought a large home in the country. In 1884, after a long, successful career, he died…

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