A Comparative Study Project ' Night ' Essay

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Comparative study project

Night was an extraordinary novel that comprises the tragedies and horrific life the author goes through under the atrocities of the Nazis. Night, has put together some of the excellent themes that can be compared and contrasted with the movie, American history X. Both the subjects share some common and opposite themes, that shows the human characteristic under different circumstances, which could be analysed. In the following paragraphs, I will put together the same and opposite themes that they share in terms of the overall outlay of the novel and the movie.
Inhumanity towards other humans (same theme) Both the novel and film depict the outer skin of inhumanity towards other human beings. Terror, violence, and inhumane atrocities are crucial themes in both of the subjects. In the novel, the Nazis terrors towards Jews were intolerable and outrageous; considering the Jews as an indifferent human creature with no similar characteristic or mentality. The author himself also becomes aware of the cruelty of which he himself is capable. Everything he experiences in the war shows him how horribly people can treat one another—a revelation that troubles him deeply. So many aspects of the Holocaust are incomprehensible, but perhaps the most difficult to understand is how human beings could so callously slaughter millions of innocent victims. Fire glazing from the chimney symbolizes the cruelty or inhumanity of the Nazis towards its prisoner’s.…

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