Essay on A Comparative Reflection Of Current Events

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Hardy to Hardly:
A Comparative Reflection of Current Events to their Respective Histories
1. “The Internet Still Thinks I’m Pregnant” by Amy Pittman (Sept. 2nd, 2016)
2. “New York Can’t Block Late-Term Abortion in Certain Cases, Schneiderman Says” by Vivian Yee (Sept. 7th, 2016)
3. “Passing My Disability On to My Children” by Sheila Black (Sept. 7th, 2016)
4. “America’s Shocking Maternal Deaths” by The Editorial Board (Sept. 3rd, 2016)
With women using apps on their smartphones to track their menstrual/fertility cycles, getting pregnant is seemingly easier than it has ever been. Unfortunately, even with all current medical advances, one out of every four pregnancies result in a miscarriage, typically before the twelfth week. But before “pee sticks” as Amy Pittman refers to them, to find out if you were pregnant usually resulted in a dead rabbit.
The women in history, approximately the time we are currently studying, were unable to find out if they were pregnant from the comfort of their own bathroom, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Even though early detection of a pregnancy can be a life saver for both mother and child, many women still learn they experienced a miscarriage while women of the history may not have known. In this sense, and in some historical circumstances, ignorance was bliss.
Outside the womb, Anencephaly, the disorder in which a baby is born with no more brain than simply the brain stem, is guaranteed fatal. The majority of children…

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