Essay on A Collapsing Natural Environment?

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A collapsing Natural Environment? By Su Xiaokang and Perry Link


China’s question for development is amiable yet their actions are counterproductive to their primal goal of social progression. The nation of China is founded on a systematic government that seeks to implement development measures to achieve wealth and prosperity even at the cost of the lives of its citizens. The policies implemented by the government and business entrepreneurs often neglect the basic rights of citizens as factories and transport systems are built in respective of the inhabitants of the land and the repercussion that would arise form such dire human neglect. The article “A collapsing natural environment?” by Su Xiaokang and Perry Link
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In 2009 the Chinese government still approves the manufacturing and production super-poisonous chemicals ‘paraxlyene’ that leave Chinese citizens in (Dalian) susceptible to deadly diseases like leukemia and infant deformities. Citizens who protested the production of these deadly chemicals were met with brute force of the authorities who tried to refrain the protestors from seeking their legal rights. The utter disrespect of the natural ecosystem has contributed to diverse environmental problems which include: clean water shortage, food scarcity, health ailments and environmental and marine degradation leading to loss of marine wildlife.

The elite in china live a more affluent and productive life that is devoid of natural calamities as they meticulously ensure their environment is guarded against ineffective practices. They have secured their land and produce quality foods that are free of poisonous chemical or radiation. Despite, having a rich cultural heritage that emphasizes on the natural respect for the ecosystem and the importance of social cohesion, today’s culture has abandoned the age-old tradition and embraced a more westernized culture that seeks to acquire wealth regardless of the overall consequences. The poor are often oppressed and even colonized to some level. Their land is taken from them with the aim of building factories which emit poisonous gases and chemicals that pollute the air and environment causing the

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