Essay about A Cold Day With Light Flurries

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It was a cold day with light flurries, but my pipe and the weather seemed to have a calming effect on me. I couldn’t help thinking about the Roman soldiers. Being a soldier in a foreign land prompted evil behavior, but that was war. I was glad to be away from Nam and all the trapping of war: the killing, the bullying of women and children. I was thinking about my mistreatment of the Vietnamese women when I realized that I had reached the sidewalk in front of our house. My aunt and uncle were pulling up to the curb. I emptied the bowl of my pipe by knocking it against the gate post. Then, I opened the car door. My aunt began to cry. “I’ve had so many bad dreams about you. I was worried you wouldn’t return,” she said. “I’m alive and well,” I said, “Merry Christmas.” As we went inside the house, Uncle Galway and I carried the food. Mom and Aunt Claudia gave us directions on where to set it in the kitchen. Then, we went into the living room and watched the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” staring Jimmy Stewart. After the movie, we ate dinner. Uncle Galway was less talkative than I remembered. I wondered if he was sick. Upon finishing the meal, we returned to the living room. I poured egg nog and whiskey for everyone except Aunt Claudia. I added an extra dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to her drink. We drank a salute to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Then, we drank a salute to our family. Galway told a story about drinking on the way to church. This was after WW II. He was home for…

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