A Cocktail Of Emotions By Ben Greenman Essay

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Starting with the narrator’s disapproval of Panos’ imminent infidelity and deluging the readers with a cocktail of emotions, Ben Greenman’s “Ambivalence” presents readers with a protagonist bathed in conflicting emotions. Throughout his story, Greenman shows the futility of trying to bring emotions down to a single understanding and origin of conformity as a result. Societal expectations of rigid standards of love create tension for the society itself. Panos possibly loves his future wife, otherwise he wouldn’t have wanted to get married, but that love is insufficient, insufficient to get married at least. He is trying to conform to the standards set by the society, but he fails to do so, and thus cheats on his future wife. The story shows how conformity is root of multiple emotional problems and a purveyor of betrayal.
The skinny girl remarks, “But isn’t that ridiculous? Two colors that are so different, but they’re considered the same”(2). Emotions such as love has such a wide range that calling various shades of love as just “love” almost seems absurd. Shade of love that Panos feels for his future wife might not be the shade of love people think he has. Maybe he loves her, but not as much. Thus, problems are created. His mind is filled with doubts, he even goes on to say:
“Like maybe this isn’t the right choice. Like there are a million people to love, and how can I settle on one and be sure that I’m not a fool? I have met others. I might meet others. What about…

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