Essay about A Clean, Well Lighted Place By Ernest Hemingway

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“A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway is a powerful and efficient investigation about the meaning of life. This story is about a young and older waiter in a Spanish café waiting for an old man to leave before closing. What they didn’t know was that the old man had recently attempted to commit suicide last week, but was rescued by his niece. It was getting late and the younger waiter wanted to close up the café and throw the old man out already. However, in the other hand, the older waiter wanted to reflect on the differences between a well-lit place such as the café and a dark smoky bodega known as a bar. A moral from this story to reflect on would be that there are many people struggling from despair everyday, but humanity should teach that we should not struggle alone. At the beginning of the story, there is a deaf old man sitting at the well-lit café, which was his favorite spot. He would usually come at night when it got quiet, have a drink at times, but would leave without paying whenever he got drunk. Then there was another old man, who had no wife, only a niece to care for him, and was visibly isolated from other people. The younger waiter got frustrated at the old man because he would not go home already. He views himself as the old man, but opposite to the old man, referring to the fact that he is not lonely. The old man might be lonely and didn’t want to consider the possibility that the young waiter may one day be lonely too, if he never gets to leave…

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