A Classroom Of Lived Experiences Essays

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Along with Formal Education is Life a classroom of Lived Experiences? In the words of John Adams, “There are two educations. One that teaches us how to make a living and the other how to live.” Learning both these forms of education not only helps in a trade or a profession, but also helps in getting liberal education as human beings. "This impression is clearly observed in Jon Spayde’s “Learning in the key of Life”. He digs into the actual meaning of being educated. He builds up a platform, which showcases that both ends of the learning spectrum formal education and informal learning through lived experiences are necessary in order to be educated. Spayde effectively persuades his audience that both formal and informal learning is necessary in order to be truly educated by bringing together informal diction along with strong emotional words about how the American public has been deprived in comparison to other cultures. Spayde effectively connects with the audience right from the beginning by using Informal diction. He begins by questioning the audience about the education system in our society. He then answers these questions by providing the meaning of education in accordance with various groups of the society. When he puts forward his views addressing the education system, he uses informal diction words like ‘Yikes’, ‘boils down to the mantra’ (Spayde, 64). He is also informally representing himself as one among the audience who is…

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