A Child Of Hitler By Alfons Heck Essay

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As an individual voice from the millions of children who were raised on the ideologies of the Nazi Party and the powerful image of Hitler, Alfons Heck shares the story of his experience before and during his time in the Hitler Youth. His novel, A Child of Hitler, gives a child’s account of one of the most momentous events in all of history. World War II broke out in 1939, but the Nazi movement began much earlier, persuading German citizens to fight for their country and to have faith in their powerful leader. While the story of Adolf Hitler and the effects of his reign have been retold time and time again, Heck lends a new voice to the crowd, offering an honest insight into his experience in climbing the ranks of the Hitler Youth as well as being trained as a Luftwaffe fighter pilot. Alfons Heck writes to enlighten his readers on how easily his generation was lured into the poisonous mindset of ¬¬attributing god with a mad man along with willingly forfeiting their individual rights.
As a child of the 1930s, Alfons Heck knew nothing of the Weimar Republic and the chaos following Germany’s defeat in WWI; he paints a picture of a whole generation whose education was altered in the name of Hitler. Young Germans grew up with tales of disgrace from the previous war and were given Hitler as the proposed ticket to the rebirth of their great nation. The propaganda was first introduced at the early age of five with regular radio messages, but to them it was nothing strange, children…

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