A Child Growing Up By Emily W. Kane Essay

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Think back to when you were a child growing up. What are some of the daily gendered interactions you do today? As a child, were you more gendered or were you gender neutral? Do you believe that your gender upbringing had to do with parental influences or is it biologically, possibly even socially constructed? Gendered childhoods are not a naturally occurring phenomenon that is biologically input into humans, it is reinforced by societal expectations, parental preferences and institutionalized.
The Gender Trap by Emily W. Kane uses interviews on parents of children between the ages three to five to examine how their children are gendered. Kane asks a series of questions and begins by noting parental preference and gendered anticipation before the child arrives, which creates gender assumptions. She finds that both parents prefer to have a son first. The male most often wants a son to carry on the family name (patriarchal traditions) and to play in masculine activities similar to their experiences growing up, whether it was playing sports, changing motor oil, or camping outdoors. The women often wanted a son first to protect the younger daughter, which that can relate to the ideal notion the Disney Princess gives to little girls that we need protection. Kane describes two key essential beliefs about parents gendering: biological essentialism and social constructionism. These views developed Kane’s five categories on parental gendered beliefs. The Naturalizer parents explain…

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