Essay about A Cantilever Is A Rigid Beam Vertically Supported

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A cantilever is a rigid beam vertically supported on only one end with a load on the other end (“Wikipedia”). Typically, if one were to place a weight towards the free end of a cantilever, some bending, or flexion, would be expected. Flexion, in this case, is the action of bending or the condition of being bent (“Merriam-Webster”). Given that angle measurements are involved, a protractor is typically used to measure flexion at the bending point of the cantilever. As stated before, the fact that flexion will occur as the cantilever length changes is already known. I want to see how much the flexion will change, as well as whether length and flexion are directly or indirectly proportional. To alter the length, I will be using two different materials that will act as the cantilevers: the ruler and the meterstick. I am specifically using these materials because both of them have significantly different lengths, which will allow for a better distinction between them in the data.
Research Question:
How does length affect the amount of flexion for a plastic ruler and a meterstick acting as cantilevers?
Method of Investigation:
Given that it is being altered, the cantilever length serves as the independent variable. The flexion that is being calculated for each length is being affected by the changing length, making it the dependent variable. The controlled variables include the C-Clamp being used, the mass of the load, and the method used to calculate the flexion, which…

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