A Brief Research On Knee Injuries Essay

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Recent research declares knee injuries as one of the most common injuries observed in sports.(1/1) Knee injuries stand out as one of the most prevalent injuries to occur in American football.(2/3) Knee injuries often result in surgery or discontinued practice for an extended period of time, which has the potential to be harmful to an athlete’s career. In hopes of reducing the incidence of knee injury, sports medicine professionals created prophylactic knee braces. Initially made with the intent to prevent and curb future knee injuries, prophylactic braces are used by many athletes. Due to their increased use, researchers have dedicated large amounts of time and money to determine the effectiveness of prophylactic knee braces. Many researchers believe that prophylactic knee braces do not have any effect on preventing injury. Furthermore, some have additionally stated that prophylactic knee braces have the potential to cause injury in certain collision situations. This increased risk is potentially dangerous and misleading to any athlete who utilizes prophylactic knee braces. Salvaterra et al., Baker et al., and many other research teams have found significant evidence that prophylactic knee braces do not improve an athlete’s risk of obtaining a knee injury during contact. Prophylactic knee braces have no effect on knee joint stability and, under certain circumstances, increase the risk of knee injury.
In recent research, Salvaterra et al. found that prophylactic knee braces…

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