Essay on A Brief Note On Websites And Its Impact On Business

1153 Words Sep 3rd, 2016 null Page
Websites are a key element to every business in today’s market. It is a company’s domain where they provide information to people who surf the web looking for a product or service. In order to entice users to the site and have them return to it you must be extremely creative and update the site continuously. Companies design websites to communicate with users by providing useful information and creating awareness on products and services. Millions of internet users surf the web on a daily basis to satisfy a certain need. Whether buying a home, car, clothes, and even prescription glasses it seems like the world wide web has all the answers. Websites play an important role, for large corporations as well as small businesses, in delivering information to the masses for a small fee. In order for companies to gain a competitive edge the site must be easy to use, appealing, and communicate effectively with their target audience. One industry that has become very competitive is the retail optical business, since 75% of Americans use some form of corrective lens (Statistic Brain). There are a handful of online companies that are gaining popularity in the industry but there are three corporations that lead the way. LensCrafters, VisionWorks, and Americas Best are the leading eyeglass distributers in North America. When pulling up the LensCrafters website, the first thing you will notice is the sheer simplicity of the site. The white background makes searching for products easier…

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