A Brief Note On Unemployment And Its Effects On Their Psychical And Psychological Health

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Unemployment has caused problems to many families. Most people may just think unemployment may cause the families to struggle financially. According to Uchitelle in his essay “The Consequences- Undoing Sanity”, He discusses how being laid off can negatively affect their psychical and psychological health. He tells a story of a man who has been laid off, so his wife bought him a house to fix up while he was not working. He wife had no faith in him to finish the house. The man then did sixty percent of the work and let the house sit for a year. Then later started the house again, He finished the exterior, but let the interior alone. He talks about how the man struggled to get working again. Uchitelle states “every percentage point change in the unemployment rate, up or down, the national suicide rate rose or fell in tandem, and so did the frequency of strokes, heart attacks, crime, and accidents” (343). When Uchitelle did research, he found that 35,000 patients were being treated for a mental illness caused by unemployment (348). After reading his essay, I have to agree with Uchitelle. The financial aspect is the least of our concerns, layoffs cause mental illness, as well as family issues. Unemployment has caused lowered people 's self-esteem and caused depression. Sheeran Paschal, Dominic Abrams, and Sheina Orbell conducted a study. It was to see the relationships between layoffs, self-esteem, and depression. They conducted the study with questioners, they interpreted…

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