A Brief Note On Trench Warfare And The World War I Essay

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Fear does multiple things, it either motivates people to stand up for what they believe in or it motivates them to go against their morals.
It all started when Hitler was in the World War One. A yellow cloud floating in the air called chlorine gas and mustard gas were one of the first poison gases used in trench warfare, if you inhaled it damages lung tissue and causes it 's victims to cough violently and choke in some cases, the gas kills you. Trench warfare was not a good adventure, it was a horrible place to be in. If you probably already know about the trench foot. Trench foot was not fun to have it was miserable to have, soldiers were losing feeling in their feet. Hitler just so happened to be one of those victims in World War One. He almost died twice, after the second time it really changed his outlook on the war and Germany.
That 's when he decided he wanted to lead the German military in World War Two. Hitler worked hard to gain power to take over the World War Two. Once he was able to get the German army to go under his wing, he started to rebuild the army and economy. He helped build the unemployment rate up by having wage controls and government spending on work forces. He wanted a bigger and better military system so he came up with the nazi anti-semitism. He blamed everything on the Jew with his problems that the Germans had. In World War Two Hitler had a secret meeting with the Poland military saying he wouldn 't take any of their land he used different words,…

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