A Brief Note On The World War I Essay

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World War I, which began in the Balkan Peninsula in July 1914, had many immediate and underlying causes which originated from different nations. Unlike World War II, it is not clear which party started World War I. Germany has been blamed by some, but there are others who see it differently. While the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, archduke of Austria, and his wife is widely regarded as an immediate and impactful origin of the war, the underlying origins have not been so clear. Political, territorial, and economic conflicts amongst all the great European powers in the years leading up to the war had been tense, and with ideas such as nationalism and militarism coming into play, many stated that war was inevitable. Alliances also played a vital role, since as one alliance got stronger, the other needed to be able to hold their own. This had a hand in breaking the established balance of power, which is the idea that no one nation or state should be strong enough to dominate all the others, and the resulting arms race further provoked the beginnings of war. Diplomatic issues including misperception of intent and delays in communications also assisted in causing the war. Germany’s participation in these events, while certainly responsible for causing the war to some extent, it nonetheless should still not be cited as the only country that provoked World War I. The initial conditions surrounding the cause of World War I goes back some years before the start of the war. In…

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