A Brief Note On The World War II Essay example

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World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. During this time, people in Germany were blaming followers of Judaism for their economic struggles and “economic opportunities” (“Fascist and Nazi Dress” 7) after the World War before. The Nazi party took over Germany after Adolf Hitler took power. Hitler looked upon a certain race as dominant and should be the only race in the world. To do this, he wanted to eliminate jews from the area. He also wanted to destroy disabled and people with an odd appearance. Jews hid for their lives, knowing that they were being hunted. After they found Jews inside of Germany they took them to concentration camps to get cleaned and dressed. Once that happened, they then endured the physical and emotional struggles in the camps.
Clothing was very important in this time because leaders of the camps classified individuals with 226 letters, colors, and shapes (“Fashion in Auschwitz” 2). These included patches, such as the star of David, patterned uniforms, and marked clothing. These forms of fashion made a way the Nazi party could easily identify their prisoners in the concentration camps. There were many forms of clothing in the camps and before the war. Before the war, Jews were required to wear the yellow star of David to notify Germans around them that they were jewish. This method was also used in the deathly concentration camps. Also, there were groups, other than jews, in the camps that were classified in different letters, colors, and…

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