A Brief Note On The United States ( Us ) Essay

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Introduction Banks are just like a business; they are there to make money. Considering the majority of countries have their own form of currency, banks stand to earn a large return based on the transaction they perform for each of their customers. Each country around the globe can have an effect on the other financial institutions. The United States (US) recession in 2008 was felt in every part of the world, while the American people limited their spending the amount of imports and exports went down and interest rates rose. US companies operating in other countries found they could not borrow as much money due to the costs associated with the loan. This led to the dollar not being worth as much on the exchange, which led to the stock market Amadeo (2016) hitting the biggest low ever for a single day of trading. Individual countries can choose a fixed or floating exchange rate, and each type comes with advantages and disadvantages. Financial disasters are not new nor is any country immune to them, directly or indirectly every county will feel some aftermath effects from another country’s economic shortfalls. Being able to learn from another country’s mistakes and work to eliminate any risk is critical to preserve Thailand’s financial status. Currently, Thailand’s financial economy is stable and while there is no way to prevent natural disasters, Thailand’s largest risk to their financial stability is mother nature.
Status of the Baht The Baht has been around since…

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