A Brief Note On The Palestinian Arab And Arab Conflict Essay

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Midterm: Palestinian Jewish/ Arab Conflict Oppression is the driving force behind the violence in Israel. It is based on a land dispute that led to oppression and now the violence seen today. Israel is plagued with a cycle of violence and fear. There are many factors behind the climate of terror that is taking place in Israel, but none as significant as oppression. The establishment of Israel by Jews led to many changes for Palestinian Arabs, who were already living in the area. Many of these changes were oppressive and intrusive to the Palestinian Arabs’ way of life. As can be expected, wherever there is oppression, violence and fear normally follow. Both sides have suffered losses amid this violence. Jews claim they fled to Palestine to avoid persecution and that establishing Israel as a Jewish state would be the only way to ensure their safety. Yet their safety, and now the safety of Palestinian Arabs, are both unsure. In order to comprehend how this oppression and violence began we must delve into the history of this dispute. In the late 1800’s, Jews across Europe began fleeing to Palestine to avoid anti-Semitism and persecution. During this era, the Zionist movement was founded; the Zionists wanted to return to the Jewish Holy Land to establish a Jewish state that would serve as a sanctuary for Jews. However, according to the State of Israel Proclaimed (State), at this time the Zionist leadership was unable to persuade the Ottoman Empire to grant them a…

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