A Brief Note On The National School Lunch Program Essay

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The cause of failure in the National School Lunch Program has been a highly contentious topic since modern reporting of nutritional standards have been implemented. Most research points to the lack of student opportunity to access of healthy food as the main cause of failure, however, who is at fault for this is much more debatable. Some, including Julian, cited inconsistency in regulation and oversight as the biggest challenge. He noted that a lot of poor menu options for students in middle and high schools come from the school run and regulated “a la carte” vending. He explained that this practice is not regulated in any way and considers it “a bizarre freedom that leads to the composition of disturbing menus; in school cafeterias across the land, a bag of Doritos and an ice cream sandwich is not an atypical noontime repast”. Some call for the USDA to impose more regulation on this type of system, however, others like Hinman, point to different factors for students increase in obesity rates. She cited Michelle Obama’s efforts to attack the obesity epidemic by looking at corporate food processors, educators, and parents instead of the USDA (p.20). The first lady acknowledged this by stating “Our kids didn’t do this to themselves, Our kids don’t decide what’s served to them at school” (p. 20) These comments came out in her support of her “Let’s Move” campaign that started in 2011. Others who have researched the failure of the National School Lunch Program have chosen to…

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