A Brief Note On The Memorial Hospital Volunteer Essay

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1. Sutter Memorial Hospital Volunteer
My main responsibility was to assist the technician, nurses, and physicians. I sanitized the room after the patient had been discharged by wiping down all surfaces with disinfecting or bleach wipes, periodically checking on the patients to ensure they are satisfied with care and provide them with anything they need to make their stay more comfortable. In addition of my normal responsibilities I learned how to do some of the tech’s duties such as EKG and conducting physical therapy as requested and instructed by physician. From this experience I was able to learn a great deal of how to interact with patients and how to communicate with them on a personal level while being professional.
2. Undergraduate Research Conference
The undergraduate research conference allowed me to experience a more complete journey of publishing. It allowed me to learn a great deal on how to present many years of research on a small poster. More importantly, being able to present taught me how to effectively communicate information to individuals whose knowledge varied from undergraduate level to professors and other experts in Plant Science. Not only did this experience help me be able to communicate this information it also allowed me to do so in a timely manner. The presentation was an hour long and within that hour I was able to explain the research which accumulated information well before I joined the team.
3. UC Davis Tutor
Tutoring was a challenging…

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