Essay on A Brief Note On The Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge There are many different types of bridges. More specifically, there are many types of truss bridges. One popular truss bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is located in San Francisco, California. This bridge is a Warren deck truss bridge because of the equal size of the diagonals and "to act in both tension and compression" (Types of bridges) and it has a "Suspension, Fixed and Approach Spans: Metal Braced Ribbed Deck Arch." (Golden Gate Bridge). Some other important features of this bridge are “ steel girders to stiffen and add support to the roadway”(The Golden Gate Bridge and Its Environment). There are many materials that were used to create this bridge. But almost all bridges “are made of steel and concrete”(Smart Materials Improve Earthquake-Resistant Bridge Design) Other materials include:
The Golden Gate Bridge has two main towers that support the two main cables , The Golden Gate Bridge has two main cables which pass over the tops of the two 746-ft-tall towers and are secured at either end in giant anchorages. The galvanized carbon steel wire comprising each main cable was laid by spinning the wire, using a loom-type shuttle that moved back and forth as it laid the wire in place to form the cables. The Golden Gate Bridge has 250 pairs of vertical suspender ropes that are spaced 50 feet apart across both sides of the Bridge. Each suspender rope is 2-11/16 inches in diameter. After the original concrete roadway deck was replaced, the…

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