A Brief Note On The Film Park Avenue Essay

1000 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The film Park Avenue provides a glimpse of how the rich become richer and how their actions effect individuals in a lower socioeconomic class. On one side of Park Avenue it houses some of the richest people in the world while on the other side of Park Avenue so many families are struggling daily to find employment. The top 1% continue to gain wealth by buying/rigging elections in their favor, covering up environmental mishaps, and cutting necessary welfare programs. This is important to social workers because it makes it more difficult for us to find resources for our clients. As a whole the rich dictates what goes on in society and that is not fair.
As the top 1% become wealthier and spend frivolously, it impacts the way the rest of America lives. The major earners who live on Park Avenue are in the business of buying politicians in order to rig elections in their favor. One of the important issues they want to protect is their taxes. Top earners fall into a smaller tax bracket than working individuals, even though they make much more. This allows top earners to pay less in taxes, but this is an unfair situation for the poor. The film shows that when the top 1% pays less in taxes, it effects the government’s budget by increasing the country’s debt.
Placing higher taxes on the impoverished keeps them moving in a downward trend. In Newman and O’Brians (2011) Taxing the Poor it explains how an increase in taxes for the poor also increases bad things like mortality rates,…

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