Essay about A Brief Note On The Federal Minimum Wage

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An amendment is an addition or alteration made to the constitution, statute or a legislative bill. Amendments to the constitution are set up to improve American life. There are currently twenty-seven amendments, but it seems necessary to add a twenty-eighth. This amendment would be to increase the state and federal minimum wage in order to improve economic equality. Increasing the minimum wage can help working families, businesses and our economy recover. Franklin Roosevelt signed the Minimum wage into law in 1938 with the hope of keeping the American people out of poverty. He did this in order to stimulate consumer spending and drive the American economy. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25, which translates to $15, 080 per year if the employee works 40 hours a week. Increasing state and federal minimum wage could help the economy in numerous ways. It can keep individuals out of poverty, helping them get out of what seems to be the cycle of poverty. It can also help drive the economy through consumer spending. People who have money want to spend it if they can afford to. If we raise the minimum wage, then these people can spend their higher paychecks at local businesses, which can put money into the pockets of the business owners. Increasing the minimum wage can help various groups of people and improve our economy dramatically. For many Americans, Minimum wage was a temporary, pubescent issue of the past before moving on too much more stable, financially…

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