A Brief Note On The Country Of Haiti Essay

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Our city is Vil Nan Richés in the country of Haiti. Haiti, the third largest country in the Caribbean, is dominated by three large mountain ranges. The country is located about 700 miles (1,127km) southwest of Miami, Florida and connected to the Dominican Republic to the east. Our city is around 20 miles (32km) from Étang Saumâtre and rests right near a bay. The city has about 900,000 residents and is a fairly large city. Our city is ran off of solar and wind power supplied by a solar array on top of the mountain and a turbine field nearby the array. We provide our citizens with excellent plumbing, waste removal services, and superb modes of transportation. Everyone in the city has access to supreme education that ranges from Pre-K to a Ph.D at a high level college. Also, instead of textbooks and library books, we use lightweight tablets with styluses and voice to text for all the educational needs like pens and paper. Broken electronic devices are either reused or broken down for parts to be used in other devices. Every classroom will be equipped with wireless chargers to keep them running at the lowest amount of power consumption at all times. The devices also only charge to maximum around midday when the sun will be the highest over Haiti. The city is also a large influence on the exports of Haiti due to its key location near the ocean. Each area of the city is patrolled by drones that are equipped with cameras to guard against crime. There are few homeless…

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