Essay A Brief Note On The American Industrial Worker

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The American industrial worker was heavily impacted by the technology changes, the increase in immigration, and the creation of labor unions that happened between 1865 and 1900. The development of new technology in communication, steel production, and transportation led to the creation of new businesses and jobs, and it helped many existing businesses expand. This increase of businesses resulted in more jobs, and this influenced many people from other countries to migrate to America. The increase in employment gave American industrial workers a better way of living, but the working conditions were not ideal. Labor laws didn’t exist to protect the workers, and this led to the creation of labor unions that fought for labor laws.
The introduction of electricity in the 1870’s opened the door to great inventions that helped society, and especially aided businesses. The invention of the typewriter by Christopher L. Sholes in 1868, and the invention of the cash register by James Ritty in 1879, helped businesses become better organized by keeping track of records and money. This organization was crucial then and is still important today to maintain any business. The invention of elevators was an important new innovation that helped businesses that were located in tall buildings like skyscrapers and factories operate better because workers were able to reach higher floors more efficiently. The production of steel was also developing quickly after new processes for making iron…

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