A Brief Note On Sterilize And Perform Intravenous Injection Essay

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How to Sterilize and Perform Intravenous Injection While acting as a medic in the apocalyptic environment that has been presented, the other medics and I will have to perform many various basic medical procedures upon the patients we receive. Seeing as the ability to properly perform these techniques is detrimental to the survival of the society, research is required to learn the safe an correct way to execute them. In this essay I will be synthesizing the information I have gathered from articles written by professionals in the medical field to discuss how to properly sterilize an area of the body in preparation for injections or incisions. Before any sterilization actually occurs on the skin, first the person performing the sterilization must thoroughly wash their hands with medicated or antiseptic soap and warm water. Proper hand washing includes scrubbing around every area of the hand and up on to the forearm for anywhere from two to five minutes. It is recommended that you only use your hands during the washing process and avoid using brushes or sponges, as they can reverse the effects of the hand washing if an incorrect sponge or brush is used. As stated in an NCBI article about surgical hand preparation, scrubbing with a disposable sponge or brush “has been shown to increase bacterial counts on the hands.” After you have washed your hands, the next step is to evaluate the area to be sterilized for any possible dirt or debris that could interfere with the…

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