A Brief Note On Ontario 's Police Service Essay

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Walshville, Ontario is considered to be one of the largest cities in Canada with a 2009 population of 170,000 individuals. The population, however, consists of the city proper, three First Nation communities and five communities that were engrossed when the city was first created in 1990. Considered to be a large geographic area, this city consists of a mayor and 12 councilors who are responsible for one of the 12 city wards presented. In order to maintain such a huge region the main economic drivers Walshville greatly benefits from is listed as, their education, tourism, and both commercial and sports fishing.
With regards to upholding social order, the city of Walshville has a Police Service Board just like any other city. This board consists of two Provincial appointees, two Council appointees and one member of the community appointed by Council. In order to direct Walshville Police Service in executing the needs of the community effectively ,Walshville Police Service Board must follow the responsibilities listed in section 31(1) of Ontario’s Police Service Act. Joe Couto however, is known to be the Chief of WPS since 1999 and strongly believes in community-based policing. Chief Joe Couto wants to incorporate a new community policing model known as the Ontario Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing in his service. In 2010, the WPS answered 54,678 calls for service in which 75 of those calls would be awaiting dispatch. According to a…

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