Essay on A Brief Note On International And Transracial Adoption

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International and Transracial Adoption There are hundreds of tragic events that leave children sundered from their families and left to an orphanage or foster home such as natural disasters, death, abuse, and neglect. Though this may be true, international and transracial adoptions cause emotional and behavioral problems in children. Adopting parents from America need to be more aware of the different problems and risks these children are susceptible to before ripping them from their country of origin. In order to understand the risks and problems involved in international and transracial adoption, it is important for one to know the difference between the two types. International adoption is an adoption process where either one person or a couple adopts a child that is a resident of a different country. Not all countries allow this form of adoption but some countries do such as China. The rules for international adoption vary greatly and it all depends on the countries involved. Transracial adoption is when one person or a couple adopts a child that is of a different race. Transracial adoption does not have to be international but most often international adoption is also transracial.
Most often if a woman or a couple finds out that they are unable to have children, they either go without children or turn to adoption. Other reasons one might adopt might be that the person just wants to do something they think would make a difference in the world. When it comes…

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