A Brief Note On Hospitals Are Always Kind Of A Bad Experience?

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Why is going to hospitals are always kind of a bad experience? I do not think going to hospitals frequently is a good idea. Is it good to know we have a problem? All hospitals have the same images: a smell of alcohol, doctors and nurses wearing almost the same uniform, and babies crying. It is a kind of sacrifice to go to hospitals and feel like you are in trouble because of your health condition. Also, although we have to visit doctor’s office constantly, I do not like it. Because of that, I have had three experiences with doctors and hospitals: two bad experiences were with me and with my grandmother. A positive one was with my grandfather, when he was treated very well by his doctors and hospital. 
 The first negative experience happened to my grandmother, when I was younger. She went to her doctor’s office in Sao Paulo, at Hospital das Clínicas. Her doctor gave her diagnosis: a problem in her heart. She winced because of her condition. Her doctor told her she was supposed to take medicine until the end of her life.The negative experience was because she did not feel comfortable with the doctor who asked almost screaming why she had smoked a lot when she was younger. My grandmother started crying and he did not apologize for any inconvenient. The doctor treated her like an irresponsible person, who did not know to take care of herself. He used an arrogant tone to call my grandmother’s attention. He still argued that the chances of death were very high because of her…

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