A Brief Note On Flipped Classroom And The Classroom Essay examples

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Flipped Classroom
Nearly 46% of children today who struggle with understanding a concept the very first time it is taught end up giving up or not caring anymore. This is because of the fact that they deem it useless to even try anymore since they can’t keep up with the rest of the class. Parents complain that their child is failing and the teacher tells them that they only have so long to teach a certain unit because a plethora of the other students are ready to move on. By using a flipped classroom, this would not happen. A flipped classroom has more benefits for a student’s learning and ensures that every student has a firm understanding of each concept before they move on to the next one. Traditional lectures have a problem with pacing lessons that benefit all students. A handful of students more than likely learn faster than others who’re slower or have no prior knowledge of the subject. Teachers who use traditional lectures often don’t have time to focus on helping each individual student from one-third of the class who each don’t understand a different part of the material because they have to move on with the majority of the class, which ends with that one-third of the class failing. Teachers who use a flipped classroom have more passing students than teachers who use a traditional classroom due to the many benefits for student learning it provides.
Now, there are several critics of the flipped classroom, but most don’t really understand what a flipped classroom is.…

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