A Brief Note On Education And Social Class Essay

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M1: Education & Social Class Social class, more times than not, puts us into a group of people who share similar circumstances of wealth and power. Education factors into issues of wealth and power in complicated ways, and our location in a particular social class often shapes our expectations for schooling, its importance, and its potential for getting us to our goals for personal and professional success. Social class creates a divide in the education system and that divide affects the education a student of a lower class would receive compared to a student who comes from a higher class. In Blue – Collar Brilliance written by Rose and Hidden Intellectualism written by Graff, both authors use personal experience to contend how what social class you derive from can have an impact on the type of education you receive and can alter your perception of success. This divide in education creates many dangers and devalues the meaning of success to some, but with the countless dangers there is one benefit. In studying this dynamic students are shown how what class they fall into, will play an impact on the education you obtain.
In arguments written by both Graff and Rose the reconsideration of what should be considered intellectual is demonstrated. Both authors use personal examples showcasing how social class plays an impact on the education you receive or what society thinks you will receive. In the article Hidden Intellectualism, Graff makes many claims and uses personal…

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