A Brief Note On Death Or Travel? Essay

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Teletransportation, death or travel?
Teletransportation, death or travel? This question is asked in relation to personal identity and the question that is often debated in philosophy, what is personal identity? What does it consist of? The Teletransportation thought experiment raises the question “can we survive inside another body, or do we cease to exist if our physical self is destroyed?” the real question is actually, however, what constitutes survival and does personal identity truly matter in the notion of survival? If there is somebody out there with our memories, thoughts, intentions and so on is that enough to constitute our survival? In this essay I hope to express why I disbelieve that we survive teletransportation as the same person.
Teletransportation as a way of travel has always been of interest to me, the idea of travelling from one place to another in an instant has its merits for someone who was psychologically traumatised in a car accident. The idea of hopping into a receptacle, pushing a button and voila you are in another place is ideal when you don’t like to travel in cars or planes. I always imagined it as portrayed in ‘The Fly’ where you climb in at one point and are deconstructed then the particles etc. are reconstructed at the other end and it is the same person in every respect that climbs out (although this did turn terribly wrong in The Fly). In the passages we have been reading in the Personal Identity Workbook it has been explained as…

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